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Interior Demolition As a Subcontractor Our Professional Staff Provides Complete, Partial, Or Phased Gut-Outs From Wall To Wall, Ceiling, Flooring, And More
Business Closures Weather If Your Company Is Down Sizing, Retooling, Or Going Out Of Business Allow Our Professional Staff To Take The Hassle Off Of Your Hands, We Will Liquidate / Decommission / Take Out Of Service Factories, Restaurants, Offices, Stores, And More!!!!
Junk Removal We Offer Junk Removal And Odd Job Services For Your Commercial / Residential, Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurants,Homes, Warehouses And More.  We Offer Emergency Services  24/7
Greenleaf Asset Resale & Recycling Group, LLC
Since 2010 Our Team  At Greenleaf Has Provided A Variety Of Services To Fort Wayne And Surrounding Areas. With A Commitment To Providing The Highest Quality Of Service To Our Customers. We Also Provide Safe And Environmentally Responsible Solutions That Will Be Sure To Fit Your Business Needs No Matter Where You Are!                Being That We Are Environmentally Friendly Our Goal Is To:                                    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle   
Recycling is the KEY
Established in Fort Wayne, Indiana
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